Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Project is doing very good, thank you all very much for helping and supporting the Project, the project is getting well wishers involved in everyday,i m sad to type here about loss Gemma had Today our volunteer more like a Friend,has lost her Grand ma in Australia,we all are sad for the loss and pray god for the soul to recieve Moksha.May coming year brings you all the best and great Happiness.we wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 07.
Warm Regards
Sambhali,Managers and Team.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanks a lot for showing your interest in the Sambhali Project, we are doing very well and almost self supporting, the little shop at the D.N.G.H is selling the produce done by women/girls of the project and it is doing very well,our first volunteer Mr.Ash from Uk is leaving on monday after 4 and half weeks teaching basic english to our project people,now we have Mr.Micheal from Australia came to us through independent volunteers website with the project for 1 month also,he has started 3 days back on the 22nd of november.the project has 14 girls now and they are Usha,Meera,Sarawati,Sandhya,Nisha,Suneeta,Saveeta,Saroj(1),Saroj(2),Soniya,Deepika,Lajwanti,Pooja,Monika.we have stopped services from our Glitter Print teacher because we were having no market in this sort of printing,instd we do sewing .so 6 days a week from 10.00am till 2.00pm we do learning and doing on the art and craft and from 2.00pm to 3.00pm we do Basic english.the project has been appreciated by other lcoal N.G.O's and Co-operatives.we see the build of self esteem in the project women/girls and it is such a pleasure when we see them dealing with the world with much more strength and power in voice.My Kiwi friend Madam Debbie has returned from thailand after renewing her visa for next 6 months to help making this project a wonderfull place for these women to be independent.we are helping our teachers to save their traditional art alive, they ahve sent their children to good schools and their children may not keep the art alive so our women/girls from the project will learn and keep the indian traditional skills alive.Sandhya's father came to me the other day and said to me that he is giving me a piece of metal and i as an iron smith should Mould it into a proper form.i denied that these girls were iron , they are piece of gold for me,and we r gold smith who will make beautifull jwellery out of them when some one will wear them they the person would look beautifulll, i m not sure if i can explain my thoughts here.The Blog will be updated soon with pictures and Informations.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sambhali co-operative society ltd.Jodhpur.
‘ Helping to Empower women’

Many women in Rajasthan are living in the most unbearable sections of their societies, uneducated with no skills these women are weak in a male dominated society. Their Health, self esteem, emotional status are affected. Women are powerless to their Husbands and to social, cultural, religious and superstitious beliefs. Although they play a key role in bringing up a family they are denied any rights or powers such as decision-making, education, awareness of their basic rights and absolutely no freedom of choice. They lack confidence and basic socializing skills. These women are often subject to physical and emotional abuse that they put up with because they don’t know any different.

Something must be constructively done to help, therefore we four Debby ,Govind ,Virendra and Rashmi have decided to start the sambhali ‘helping to empower women’. A multi cultural project.

Aims and Objectives of the sambhali project.
The Empowerment of women and to assist their families and communities by

· Teaching women new skills(two months training).
· Provide paid work.
· Provide safe and clean workshops.
· Provide basic human right education.
· Health and hygine education.
· Independent bank account.
· Build confidence and self esteem.
· Socializing skills.
· English lessons (basic),health and hygiene lessons for their families and communities.
· Anti domestic violence information.
· AIDS/HIV awareness programme.
· Keeping Indian traditional skills alive by spreading it by teaching others.

In addition to the above it is our intention to brief in volunteers from abroad to assist teach in all areas.

All products made by our women will be sold publicly by the project shop situated at the Durag Niwas Guest house. Jodhpur,Rajasthan. The women in addition to their salaries will be given bonus each month plus a percentage of every item sold.

We decided to start the sambhali project.

Debby – She is from New Zealand and by profession she is a property convincer in 2004 and 2005 she lived in Kerala, India and started a registered charity. For the welfare, care, sterilization and vaccinations of street dogs/cats. Also providing educational information’s to local communities in the care and welfare of animals this charity is now amalgamated with a sister charity and is still running now as animal rescue kerala. Also qualified as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages and now wanting to assist in the empowerment of women and educating their families and communities in healthy issues, Aids awareness and English.

Govind singh Rathore- living and working in jodhpur, he has been working in his own family business for 16 years at Durag Niwas Guest House, also doing his own art and craft tours to Rajasthan called as Rajput ‘cultural adventures in Rajasthan’. Always wanted to help the women fight for their rights so dreamed to start a co-operative, to register a co-operative government way was quite difficult so requested his friends Virendra, Debby and rashmi to help him and start Sambhali project to help empower women privately and in future if successful the project will be changed as a company with a group of international friends.

Virendra singh Chouhan. - Presently working at Hotel Ajit Bhawan as a senior front officer, Jodhpur and managing director of Rajput ‘cultural adventures in Rajasthan’. He has completed his diploma in tourism from hotel management institute Jodhpur that is affiliated with national council of hotel management Delhi. And now involving as accountant to the sambhali Project.

Rashmi- she is Nutritionist by profession and working in an N.G.O called the Veerni project at Jodhpur. Has worked in the field of HIV/AIDS amd now involved in a project called Sambhali ’empowerment of women’.

We seek financial assistance please help and support for minimum of 2 months.

Factory set up cost –
Factory construction, Factory tables 4,Almiraha’s, Fans, sewing machines, washing machines, raw material such as colors, chemicals and related stuff to the teaching of art and crafts, Fabric. Teachers salaries, project women and assistance wages, vehicle for picking up and dropping of the women, packing material, shop fit out, Store room fit out, scale for measurements, scissors and sewing material, electricity and water bills to start with and water filter, bank accounts, stationery etc.

Sambhali project Teachers.

Iqbal- (block printing )he is working in his family business of block printing. he is from chipa sect of people of the area Jodhpur. His father passed away some time back and since then he is taking care of his family by supporting them by making block printed material, he has a shop on the fort of Jodhpur the Mehrangarh.

Abdul ji-(screen printing) he is working for us as a screen-printed, also from chippa sect of people of the area, he has been working as a screen-printing artist for20 years. His family is into the same business from generations and is called the Chippa.

Mehboob ji- (tie and dye) he is working with his family for 14 years, he is from the rangrez sect of people from the city, the family is living on making tie and die material. he lives in the kaga area of Jodhpur.

Harun ji-(glitter block printing) he is working in his family run business for 20 years, he is teaching his next generation the same art for living.

Abdul gani ustad (embroidery) working with his family ans students in his factory for 35 years , he knows aari,load,kanta,chatai,baliya,taara,naka,jardoji,chuda etc type of traditional embroidery art.

All the teachers are from Jodhpur and have their own Factories, which are run by them and their families. Their traditional skills came to them from their forefathers, their sect is dealing with the same kind of jobs. We are very thankful to them for giving us their time and their efforts for making our dream come true to see these women employed and self dependent.

we did workshops to practice before we started the art and craft related project . Please help and support our project before it vanishes in the notebooks and sweet dreams of the women.

Sambhali will have a prayer ceremony on the 23rd of this month and will move into the factory.